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Kenneth Sisco, Esq
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– Registered Neutral Mediator with Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution

– 25+ years of experience litigating personal injury cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants

– Former senior trial attorney for a plaintiff’s personal injury firm

– Former managing attorney for the Georgia staff counsel office of a Fortune 500 insurance carrier

– Diverse experience litigating personal injury, property damage and miscellaneous civil lawsuits

Settle Your Cases Sooner With A $500 Flat Fee Mediation

As the managing attorney for a Fortune 500 insurance company, Ken Sisco oversaw roughly 700 files at any given time. More than 75% of those files resolved for under $50,000, however, most took much longer than necessary as mediation was cost prohibitive.
Parties often try to avoid the expense of mediation and settle these cases on their own. Often, the parties are unable to reach an agreement and end up incurring mediation costs anyway. While most of these disputes do end up settling at mediation, this is usually months or even years after the case is ready to be mediated. In speaking with other plaintiff and defense attorneys, Ken found that there was a substantial need for a more cost-effective way to mediate these cases so that they could resolve sooner.
In consideration of this need for timely, quality, and cost-efficient mediations, Kenneth Sisco offers mediation for a flat fee of $500/party with a 3-hour time limit. Ken will come to your office or can conduct the mediations virtually.

How Does Mediation Resolve Your Case Faster?

One of the biggest reasons why mediation is so successful is that it forces all parties to focus on a single case, typically to the exclusion of the other 70-100 plus files in an attorney’s inventory. Once the mediation is scheduled, the plaintiff will focus on making sure that all medical bills and records have been secured and presented to the defendant, and that there are commitments from the medical providers on their bills. The defendant will focus on preparing a report analyzing the case which is reviewed by the claims representative and supervisor to secure settlement authority.
The simple act of setting a mediation date typically results in all decision-makers getting the information they need to resolve a case quickly. When the mediation occurs, the parties focus on settling this one case. This allows demands and offers to be responded to in minutes rather than in days or weeks, as the decision-makers are immediately available.
In most cases, the parties have all the information necessary to resolve a dispute once the plaintiff has been deposed. There is no need to wait until the case is scheduled for trial or the court-ordered mediation deadline is about to expire. An early resolution benefits everyone involved. The plaintiff will be able to recover the settlement sooner, and the plaintiff’s counsel will get compensated in a timely manner. Additionally, the defense counsel and claims representative can close their file and concentrate on their higher exposure matters.

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